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And Then There Were Three.

Three amps. From two pounds and 500 watts to nine pounds and 1200 watts. What do they all have in common? The flattest, most natural sound you've ever heard.

Introducing EA's Micro, Doubler and Pro bass heads. The guys that perfected the microscopic bass head just split the atom. Read More

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Spend a few minutes with EA's chief Speaker Designer, John Dong. This is one guy you'll wish you had teaching your 12th grade Physics class.

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The new NL410W is 57 pounds of bass bliss.
What would happen if the sound scientists at EA were told "build the ultimate 4x10 cabinet, but make sure you can carry it in one hand"? The answer is the NL410W, and it's got to be heard.

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Physics and the bass rig.
The brain-power behind EA is more typically found in a high-tech research facility than at a music company. That just makes the bass you hear from your EA stack all the more interesting.

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The pick for those that can pick anything.
Lee Sklar is a bass player's bassist. From his work on thousands of recordings to touring with James Taylor and Toto, Lee can choose any bass rig in the world. Find out why Lee chooses EA.

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